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    FoshanShunde shenghong Jinzheng Hardware Product Co.,ltd is founded in March 1998. Itis specialized in producing 304#/316# stainless steel handrail, railingfittings, spigot. Curtain wall fittings, bathroom glass hinge ,glasssliding,swing door fittings, clothes hooks and adorn screw.

    COFFEBuse the Germany FRM-2000 metal precise technology, ALJ, ISO9002 quality controlstandard and management system. 18 years brand –COFFEB. Withtheintegrity, premium,expertise...

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  • Precautions for the maintenance of outdoor stainless steel glass railing

    Stainless steel with glass railings are generally used as a stainless steel balcony railing, or do stairs, style, fashion, fashion, by many of the pursuit of decorative aesthetic pursuit of consum

  • Maintenance method for stainless steel

    The use of stainless steel with economic development become more extensive, people in daily life and stainless steel is closely related, but a lot of people on the performance of stainless steel i

  • Installation requirements and instructions for railing railing

    One, the basic requirements of the fence 1, indoor public stair railing height, from the pedal center line of the arm of the arm of the 90mm. The length of the horizontal fence is more than 50mm, a

  • Balcony railing construction process

    Balcony is a special place for housing, it can be used for a large, some people will be used to grow flowers and plants, some people will put a balcony on a similar beach chairs, enjoy the sun in


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